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Professional Provider of Supervised Visitations

Our organization is based on the belief that your needs are of the utmost importance. Especially the children we interact and grow with. Without compromise, we create and protect the neutral and mutual agreements made between all parties. We represent both parties; we don't show any bias against either party involved. We do show how much we care...a lot!


  Along with being a Prof. Provider of Supervised Visitations, I'm certified in CPR/BLS & Child Development. As well, I'm a Registered with Trustline. As a former Registered Behavioral Therapist, I specialize in synergizing with children and young adults on the Autism Spectrum.

Our organization abides solely by the California Standards 5.20 & Family Code sections 3200 and 3200.5

Areas of Expertise & Services

Off-Site Visitations, Custody Exchanges, Telephone/Video Chat Visitations, 
Visitation Reports, & Court Appearances


Intake Meetings: $25

Off-Site Visitations:
$50 hourly; 1 hour minimum
Custody Exchanges:
$25; each parent must pay fee

Telephone, Skype, FaceTime Visitations:
$15; 30 minutes, $25; an hour
Court Appearance: Call for pricing

*Additional Child/ren is $10 added to regular Visitation Fee.

*Restraining Order in place is $5 added to regular Visitation Fee.

*If Visitation is over 10 miles from Torrance, a
$0.50/mile is added to regular Visitation Fee.

*For late/cancellation Fees, call for pricing.

Redondo Beach/Torrance Resident -10%
Redondo Union High Student - 5%
Torrance High Student - 5%
Military Families - 5%
AARP Member - 15%

Additional Fees


Off-Site Visitations 

Off-Site Visitations are Supervised Visits, conducted at various locations within the SouthBay & Los Angeles communities.      Off-Site Visitations allows the Non-Custodial Party and Child/ren, to go to various community locations such as; local parks, museums, playgrounds, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. All Parties must come to an agreement to each Off-Site Location.

*Locations are based off of what's reasonably Safe, to Provider's Discretion.

*Non-Custodial Party is responsible for entrance fees for Provider to destination excursions.

*No Supervised Visitations at either Parent's Residence (Refer to the Guidelines and California Standards 5.20)


Custody Exchanges

Custody Exchanges are Supervised Exchange of Custody, between both Parties. Exchanges can be made at various locations within the SouthBay & Los Angeles communities.

*Locations are based off of what's reasonably Safe, to Provider's Discretion


Telephone, Skype, FaceTime Visitations

Supervised Visitations via, telephone and video chat.


Visitation Reports


​Professional Provider records every event that took place during each Scheduled Visit. 

  • Visitation Reports are a detailed report of what took place and what was said during the visit. Visitation Reports can be requested by: Courts, Custodial, & Non-Custodial, and Legal Team.

  • Cancellations, Terminations, Safety concerns are reported within Visitation Reports. 


Court Appearance

Contact for more information.


Contact Us:

Tel:   310-999-4815
Fax:  310-316-4365

P.O. #607

4733 Torrance Bl.,

Torrance, Ca. 90503

Success! Message received.

Please contact us as soon as possible, in order to begin the Intake Process and Schedule Orientation Meeting! Orientation Meeting can be via, In-Person or Video Chat, with each Parent individually before your first visit. During the Orientation Meeting we will discuss the following:

- Set up a Visitation Schedule
- Review Visitation Guidelines and Protocols
- Review Court Orders
- Complete Intake Application
- Review the Fees, and methods of payment
- Safety and Security measures
- Means of Communication
- Visit Termination Process & Cancellation Fees
- Help you plan your first visit
- Review Visitation Reports & Declarations
- Confidentiality
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