Before Your Intake
1. You must fax, mail, or email, a copy of:
  a.) The Court Order
  b.) Photo of the Child
  c.) Your Driver's License or State I.D
  d.) Valid Car Insurance and vehicle description
  e.) Any Restraining Orders or No Contact Orders (dates in order).
2. We recommend creating a list of questions you have for the Monitor and make sure you understand what Services will be provided and what is expected of you.
3. You should also consider whether or not photographs can be taken and gift exchanges are allowed during the visit.
*This is not allowed in alleged sexual, physical abuse cases, per California Standards 5.20.

The following Guidelines & Protocols will be explained to you by the Visitation Monitor during the Intake Meeting:


The following must be FOLLOWED:


  • The monitor will be present at all times during the visit

  • The custodial parent will arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the scheduled visitation and return exactly at the end of the scheduled exchange

  • The custodial parent and/or designees will be required to leave the area immediately upon signing-in/dropping off child/ren and picking up child/ren

  • The non-custodial parent will arrive at the exact hour of the scheduled exchange and will return fifteen minutes prior to the end of the scheduled exchange. 

  • Fees for services must be paid in full, by Cash, Debit/Credit, prior to each visit. No refunds, No checks!

  • Non-Custodial must pay for entrance fee for all parties, including monitor for visitations at amusement parks, zoos, movies, etc...

  • The visiting parent must arrive promptly at the scheduled time

  • If a parent or designee is more than 5 minutes early or late, he/she will pay $2.00 for each additional minute

  • Use of alcohol, marijuana, or non-prescribed drugs during a visitation is prohibited. NO DRUG POLICY!

  • Parents will not use alcohol, marijuana, or non-prescribed drugs 24 hours prior to or during their visit with the child/ren. Visits will be terminated if a parent is suspected of using these substances

  • Throughtout visitation, child/ren must me in SIGHT and SOUND of monitor

  • Custodial and visiting parties are responsible to meet the care needs  while child/ren are in each individual’s care, e.g. diaper changing, feeding etc

*Sexual Abuse cases are exempt from diaper changing.

  • Parents will not speak negatively about the child/ren's other parent and his/her family in front of the child/ren

  • Parents must not question the child/ren about the other parent’s whereabouts or activities

  • Parents and child/ren must speak English during the supervised visit unless there is a monitor present who speaks  the family’s native language. Parents must speak loud enough for monitor to hear. No whispering!

  • The use of cellular phones is not permitted during the scheduled visits unless in case of emergencies only

  • Family members and friends authorized by the court to participate in the visitation that do not comply with the monitor's guidelines and rules, will result in the termination of the supervised visitation

  • The visiting parent may bring a snack for the child/ren. All snacks must be prepackaged by the manufacturer

  • If for any reason you are unable to bring the child/ren or attend the visit with your child/ren, it is your responsibility to notify the agency and the other parent. If notice is less than 24 hours before the visits, you are responsible for paying the appropriate monitors fee set to the monitor

  • Photographs may be taken during visits with the prior approval of administration, the child/ren, and the custodial parent. The custodial party must sign a consent form prior to photographs being taken! Photographs should not be taken of monitors, or any participant at any time! Monitors shall not take photographs of the parents and child/ren. NO audio or visual recording is permitted for any reason!


The following must be AVOIDED:


  • Inappropriate touching of the child/ren's body

  • Inappropriate demands for physical contact        

  • Use of foul language     

  • Shouting or yelling at ANYONE     

  • Threat of physical abuse or violence to ANYONE       

  • Attempts to move child/ren away from the sight and/or hearing range of the monitor

  • NO audio or visual recording is permitted for any reason!

  • Parents and/or designees must avoid each other completely

  • There will be no correspondence (e.g. regarding child support) or messages to the other parent by means of child/ren, monitor, etc.

  • It is prohibited to use the visitation, scheduled exchange site or surrounding areas for the  service of court documents

  • Weapons or any articles that could be used as weapons are not permitted on the supervised visit

  • No gifts for the child/ren are permitted, with the exception of the child/ren’s Birthday(s), Christmas, Hanukkah or other holidays at which gifts are usually given. Gifts will also be allowed during the first visit when there has been a substantial time of separation between visiting parent and child/ren. The Monitor will not monitor or enforce
           what is given!

*Sexual/Physical Abuse cases are exempt from gift exchanges.

  • Failure of the visiting parent to arrive within 15 minutes of your designated time of arrival without calling to let us know that you will be running late, will result in cancellation. You will be responsible for paying the appropriate fee and child/ren will be returned to the custodial party.

  • There are to be no changes in the supervised visitation schedule unless approved by the court and/or monitor. Once the day and time has been set, it will be followed on a weekly basis, unless either party requests a change. Changes in the schedule need to be done one week prior to visitation.


As a Supervised Visitation Monitor, I will maintain a neutral role by refusing to discuss the merits of the case, agree with or support one party over another. Any discussion between the Monitor and the parties should be for the purposes of arranging Visitations and providing for the safety of the child/ren during 
the visit. A file for each case will be maintained, including but not limited to the following:


  • A written record of each contact and visit including date, time, duration of visit

  • Who attended the visit

  • A summary of activities during the visit

  • Actions taken by the monitor, including any interruptions, interventions, terminations, and reasons for these actions

  • An account of critical incidents, including physical or verbal altercations and/or threats

  • Violations of protective or court visitations orders

  • Monitors will only exchange information in regards to the child/ren’s medical needs (i.e. medications, dietary needs) or visitations

  • Only prescription medications may be sent in pre-measured doses.  Any other dietary (food) requests are not monitored or enforced

  •  Parent must not share detailed court information or court documents with the child/ren or make promises to the child/ren about future living arrangements, time sharing, or visitation modifications. Discussions and activities should focus on the present so as to avoid added pressure and/or disappointment of the child/ren

 *Any incidence of abuse or neglect is anonymously reported as required by law!


 *Case Reports will be limited to facts, observations, and direct statements made by the parties, not personal conclusions, suggestions, or opinions of the Monitor. All 
contact by the Monitor in person, in writing, or by telephone with parties, the child/ren, Court, attorneys, mental health professionals, and referring agencies, will be documented in case file. All entries will be dated and signed by the Monitor.


 *Concerns should be addressed during office hours, via email or telephone.

What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised Visitation is the contact between the Non-Custodial Parent with one or more Children in the presence of a neutral third party. The Monitor does not determine the circumstances surrounding the Court ordered Monitored Visitations of the Child/ren, but rather monitors, observes, and records the actions, activities, & conversations during the visit.  As a Monitor, I only record factual events & conversations! I never voice my opinions throughout the visits in my reports.


Supervised Visitation is NOT:
- Psychological Evaluation
- Custody Evaluation
- Treatment of Psychological Disorders

- Behavioral Therapy
- Personal Therapy
- Replacement of Legal Counsel
- Payback for Child Support
- Mediation Alternative
- Baby Sitting
- Punishment


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