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What is Supervised Visitation?

Supervised Visitation is the contact between the Non-Custodial Party with one or more Children, in the presence of a neutral third party. The Professional Provider does not determine the circumstances surrounding the Court Ordered Supervised Visitations, but rather observes and document the actions, activities, & conversations during a Visit. As a Provider of Supervised Visitations, I only record factual events & conversations!
Professional Providers never document opinions, emotions, or recommendations.
  • A "Non-Professional Provider", as defined in Family Code section 3200.5, is any person who is not paid for providing Supervised Visitation Services.
  • A "Professional Provider", as defined in Family Code section 3200.5, is any person who is paid for providing Supervised Visitation Services, or an Independent Contractor, employee, intern, or volunteer operating independently or through a Supervised Visitation center or agency.
  • A "TrustLine Provider", is a Professional Supervised Visitation Provider who is registered on TrustLine, a database that is administered by the California Department of Social Services.


Supervised Visitation is NOT:

- Psychological Evaluation
- Custody Evaluation
- Treatment of Psychological Disorders

- Behavioral Therapy/ABA Therapy
- Personal Therapy
- Replacement of Legal Counsel
- Payback for Child Support
- Mediation Alternative
- Baby Sitting
- Punishment

- Permanent

Visitation Reports are a detailed and factual account of each Scheduled Visit, only containing Facts and Non-Biases. Reports never contain the Provider’s opinions, recommendations or evaluations! Each Report contains but not limited to; activities, conversations, behaviors, incidents, cancellations, terminations, and environments. Altering/Editing any Report is considered Perjury and could result in prosecution! Reports are available upon request, after each Scheduled Visit!
  • It’s highly recommended to receive individual Visitation Reports.
*** Summarized Reports are not for use in Court Proceedings!
  • Reports are not an evaluation of the Supervised Parent’s childcare/parenting abilities, due to the artificial nature of Supervised Visitations!
  • If Provider is Subpoenaed to Testify in Court, the Provider will be reading and referencing directly from Case Filed Visitation Reports!
  • Reports are never redacted. Any physical/emotional abuse is reported to DCFS!
Rules of Conduct/Prohibited:
  • Inappropriate touching of the Child/ren and/or demands for physical contact.
  • Use of alcohol, cannabis (unless prescribed), or non-prescribed drugs, 24 hours prior or during a Visit is prohibited. NO DRUG POLICY!
*** Visitation will be Terminated if a Parent is suspected of using these substances!
  • Use of inappropriate language.
  • Threats of physical abuse or violence towards ANYONE!
  • Verbal abuse, shouting, yelling or threats, via in-person, email or text/phone!
  • Attempts of moving Child/ren away from the Sight and Sound of the Provider!
*** Police will be called, if Provider does not see/hear Children!
  • NO audio or visual recording of the Provider is permitted for any reason!
  • Parents must avoid each other completely.
  • Visitation locations and surrounding locations are not for serve of Subpoenas!
*** Refer to the ‘Subpoenas’ section of these Guidelines!
  • Weapons are not permitted during Scheduled Visits!
*** Police, Vets/Military, and Licensed, are to have no weapons!
  • Custodials can not deny Non-Custodials of Supervised Visitation, due to Child Support payments.
*** This is against California Family Law!
  • Parents are advised not to conduct Child Visitations, without the Provider present!
  • There are to be no changes in agreed upon Supervised Visitations Schedules, unless approved by the Courts or Provider.
*** Parents may request schedule changes through the Court or Provider.
*** All Parties must be in agreement with Scheduling, or Provider will decide!
*** Nannys/Sitters/Alternative Guardians cannot change set Schedules!
  • NO extravagant/expensive gift giving! (i.e. cell phones, game systems, laptops...) *** Alleged Sexual Abuse cases are exempt from photographs and Gift Exchanges.
  • There are No home/resident Supervised Visits! NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Provider does not communicate with Legal Teams, Therapists, Teachers!
*** Very limited emails of questions and concerns are accepted!
  • Vocal/In-person Communication is Confidential and considered ‘Hearsay’!
  • Safe Haven Child Visitations abides by and in compliance with California Standards 5.20, Family Law Code Sec.3200, California Judicial Council, Supervised Visitation Network and CASVSP!
  • Services offered doesn’t include Behavioral/ABA Therapy, Babysitting or Therapeutic Visitations!
  • Referrals offered, to help with the Reunification Process.
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